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16 Best Backlink Checker Tool

If you want to flourish in the online world, you simply cannot ignore Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this respect, one of the most basic and important tasks concerned with SEO is the creation and checking of backlinks. Here, I have come up with a unique and comprehensive list of Best Backlink Checker Tool. This will help you to determine the backlinks linking to your website or website pages.

However, at this point, you must be wondering why after all you would need to check backlinks for your site. Well, I do appreciate your query and understand that it needs a proper answer.

First and foremost, you need to understand that backlinks are an important part of your overall SEO Strategy. Backlinks are created when a website links to any of your website’s pages. As a matter of fact quality backlinks helps you to gain better rankings on SERPs and improves the PR (Page Rank) of your website or web page.

This is the basic reason why you need to use Backlink Checker Software or rather Best Backlink Checker Software. Moreover, backlinks are considered one of the most important criterions for high page ranking and better keyword ranking.

Further up, Backlinks are of two types.

They are Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow Backlinks.

We usually concentrate on creating or gaining Dofollow Backlinks.

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Thus, we see how important it is to create and check backlinks for our websites. There are lots of Link Checker Tools, however, with the help of Best Backlink Auditor Tools, you can quickly and easily have a detailed review of the backlinks that are linking to your site.

Hereunder I present some of the Best Backlink Reviewer Software that will help you to access all the incoming backlinks to your website. All of these Backlink Monitor Tools make the process of checking the count of backlinks (coming to your website) easy and quick.

So, let’s have an overview of these Best Backlink Checker Tools.

16 Top Backlink Checker Tool


1. Semrush – The Backlink Checker Tool

Semrush is a highly powerful SEO Tool. However, Semrush is not a free tool, but you can use its trial version for free. It has an extensive database that allows you to accurately check the status of your website’s backlinks in a matter of just a few seconds.

This Link Checker Software lets you compare your site’s links with your competitors’ links. Plus, this tool has been a favorite Backlink Checker Tool of many top bloggers for many years.

SEMrush provides valuable data and insights that are so crucial for tracking your SEO strategy.

The tool offers insights on:

  • Whether you are rising or falling in the rankings
  • How much traffic your competitors are getting
  • How many people are searching for a topic
  • What sites are backlinking to similar sites
  • Technical issues on your site that are hurting SEO
  • Which topics are best to create content around

It’s web-based software which helps you to plan and track your efforts in SEO.

SEMrush can help you with:

  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Site Audit
  • Position tracking
  • On page optimization
  • Organic traffic statistics
  • Content planning
  • PPC and other ad data

And all this data is presented to you in the novel and interesting ways. You get valuable information to improve your rankings on SERPs.

It’s a killer planning tool that helps you to know what content you should create. Plus, you come to know how to make existing content more SEO-friendly. It’s best at competitive analysis.

SEMrush is useful for entrepreneurs, marketers, enterprise companies, SEO agencies, and consultants.

Price: Paid Plans

  • Pro: $99.95/mo
  • Guru: $199.95/mo
  • Business: $399.95/mo

2. SEO Spyglass – Desktop Based Backlink Checker Software

SEO Spyglass by Link-Assistant is desktop based backlink checker tool.

It is one of those tools that provide users with the best link intelligence on the Web so that they can triumph in the battle of the SERPs.

SEO Spyglass helps you to discover:

  • Backlink Pages
  • Link Anchor Text
  • Toolbar Page Rank
  • Alexa Rank
  • SEO Link Value
  • Link Research
  • White Label Reporting
  • Historical Link Tracking

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. SEO Spyglass offers you a ton of additional analysis info including Domain Age, IP Block Data, outgoing and incoming link-to-link targets, and trusted directory presence and more.

Using its powerful tool you can easily find, monitor, analyze, and compare backlinks. You can even spy on your competitors’ link building. The reporting is good. You get a lot of options for customizing specific link data parameters for your reports. It has a decent database.

SEO Spyglass is a part of the SEO Power Suite (one of the four tools) by Link-Assistant.

Price: Free and Paid

  • Free: Limited Data
  • SEO SpyGlass Professional: $124.75
  • SEO SpyGlass Enterprise: $299.75

3. AHrefs – Top Backlink Checker Tool

AHrefs is surely one of the Best Backlink Checker Tools. It is available as a paid Backlink Auditor tool. However, it also allows you to register for a free account wherein you get a complete Backlink analysis report along with anchor text analysis of your website.

It provides a detailed account of the backlinks coming to your site. You can also see whether your site’s links are increasing or decreasing. It is used by many popular online marketers.

So, Ahrefs proves to be one of the best SEO tools for in-depth backlink analysis.

It has a blazing fast crawler. Ahrefs can even crawl Javascript pages besides traditional HTML. You get first-hand info about new, broken, and lost backlinks. You come to know why a backlink suddenly disappeared. It allows you to filter backlinks by their type such as Dofollow, nofollow, redirect, educational, and much more.

Ahrefs works as a secret agent and helps you to know your competitors’ backlink profiles. It will inform you about their new and lost links by email. You come to know from where they get Dofollow links.

So, Ahrefs proves a goldmine for link opportunities. You can try Ahrefs for seven days for $7 only.

Price: Paid Plans

  • Lite: $99/mo
  • Standard: $179/mo
  • Advanced: $399/mo
  • Agency: $999/mo

4. Majestic – Best Backlink Checker

Majestic SEO provides all the data you need to know regarding the Backlink Analysis.

It is a paid Backlink Checker Tool, although it also provides the facility to have a free account for accessing Backlinks information.

Majestic is equally good for SEO Professionals, Media Analysts, Entrepreneurs, and even Developers.

It can rightly be called as a comprehensive SEO Software as it comes loaded with the number of powerful SEO Tools such as Backlink History Checker, Site Explorer, Search Explorer, etc.

Its link Checker Software is probably the best in business. Its sophisticated web robots accurately detect the number of backlinks for given domains, subdomains, or URLs.

So, Majestic proves to be a great SEO Backlink Checker. Its interface offers everything you need to know about backlinks. In fact, Majestic shows more backlinks than most other backlink checker tools.

The good part about Majestic is that it allows you to check backlinks for free. You have to create a free account and verify your domains. Majestic has a very large database of backlinks. It also allows you to see the deleted backlinks.

Getting started with Majestic SEO is very easy. You have to enter your URL into the search box. The tool does the rest for you.

It offers key details such as external backlinks, referring domains, referring IPs, referring subnets, etc. So, you can clearly make out where your link profile stands.

Majestic SEO also shows the backlink history chart which helps you to know whether you are gaining or losing steam with regards to your link building efforts.

There’s also the anchor text chart. With Majestic SEO, you get in-depth information about backlink analysis.

Price: Paid Plans

  • Lite: $49.99 per month
  • PRO: $99.99 per month
  • API: $399.99 per month

5. Raven Tools

Raven Tools is one of the most powerful online marketing platforms that provide you with numerous SEO Tools. It has a powerful Backlink Checker Tool with which you can do a comprehensive Backlink analysis.

It enables you to automatically detect the increase or decrease in the number of backlinks directed to your website. The best part is they provide a detailed report about your website Backlink analysis.

Moreover, Raven Tools turns out to be an all-in-one tool for conducting research and analysis, tracking search engine trends, managing link building, monitoring social networks and also for creating and managing ad campaigns, as well as producing sophisticated campaign reports.

All these features can be accessed from one central location. With Raven Tools, you can make the best campaign decisions.

It’s best at competitors, link, keyword, and social intelligence. It also offers great marketing reports.

Raven works out to be the time-saving ally to your team. It crawls any website and gets data about technical SEO areas.

Raven Tools features:

  • Social Media Tools
  • Backlink Checker Tool
  • Advertising Tools
  • SEO Tools
  • And much more

Price: Paid Plans

  • Start: $99 per month
  • Grow: $169 per month
  • Thrive: $249 per month
  • Lead: $399 per month

6. Moz Link Explorer – Backlink Checker Moz

Moz Link Explorer provides you with an opportunity to uncover valuable prospects, create a solid strategy, and track your progress with regards to backlinks or inbound links or simply links.

Moz Link Explorer is regarded as one of the best backlink checker tools. It’s an all-in-one link building tool. It includes a new set of link analysis and competitive research tools.

It enables you to build a high-quality Inbound Link Profile easily. You can do accurate Backlink Research, find link building opportunities, and can discover harmful links through its Live Link Index Tool.

It shows your website’s Domain Authority, as well as Page Authority. Further up, it is trusted by Search Engines which means that it shows you only those Backlinks which are active and getting clicks.

Moz Link Explorer provides you with the most comprehensive, quality link data.

Link Explorer is best at:

  • Constant DA and PA Tracking
  • Discovered and Lost Links
  • Top Pages Report
  • Link Comparison

So, Moz Link Explorer proves to be the best link building research tool out there.

Price: Free and Paid

  • Free: Limited Data
  • Standard: $99/mo
  • Medium: $179/mo
  • Large: $249/mo
  • Premium: $999/mo

7. Serpstat

Serpstat is a perfect utility for SEO beginners. It is one of the best backlink analysis tools out there. The best thing with this tool is that it performs backlink analysis as well as keyword research and competitor research.

Plus, it is easy to use. It helps you to build strategies more clearly. Serpstat offers a lot many features at an affordable price. It is competent in competitor keyword research.

When you enter the URL of the domain, the tool will list out all the keywords that the blog/site is ranking for. It will show you the keywords that the site/blog is ranking for on Google.

Serpstat also shows you the search traffic of the sites. It also displays the number of backlinks as well as referring pages a domain has. And that’s not all.

Serpstat also displays the organic traffic trend graph and also the top competitors for the site in SERPs.

Along with the keywords, Serpstat also lists down the keyword volume, position, CPC, and other data. It offers keywords from Google US, UK, CA, AU, and much more.

Serpstat also shows the backlink data of a domain. It even has its own metrics known as Serpstat page rank and trust rank. Serpstat scores the web pages based on the quality of their backlinks. It also comes with a rank tracker.

Price: Paid Plan

  • Plan A: $19.00/mo
  • Plan B: $69.00/mo
  • Plan C: $149.00/mo
  • Plan D: $299.00/mo

8. Rank Watch

Rank Watch is all about making SEO easy. It delivers actionable data on website rankings, backlinks, and SERP competitors thereby helping you to multiply your organic traffic.

Rank Watch transforms the way you do your SEO. Its single dashboard offers website analytics, SEO data, rank tracking, etc.

Rank Watch is made to give you a crucial competitive edge.

It analyses your website’s SEO performance. It helps you in your SEO management. Its SERP tracker drives actionable data. Plus, you get user-friendly GUI and reports with insightful information.

Price: Paid Plans

  • M: $29/mo
  • L: $99/mo
  • XL: $449/mo

9. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is one of the best monitoring tools for backlinks and keywords. It is a must-have tool for SEO, marketers, and entrepreneurs. It allows you to monitor good and bad backlinks for yourself and the competition.

The best thing about Monitor Backlinks is that it is super user-friendly. Its UI is simply great and intuitive. Its dashboard offers you all the information that you are seeking in one place.

Monitor Backlinks offers you the opportunity to build great links. You come to know the relevant and high-quality sites that you can contact for outreach and link building.

It even allows you to monitor your brand and create relationships with influencers. You can reach out and develop relationships with high authority sites.

Monitor Backlinks allows you to recover valuable lost links. You come to know how you’re ranking on Google for valuable keywords. You can gauge the changes over time and see how they get affected by your backlink changes.

With Monitor Backlinks you can even monitor your competitors’ keywords and backlinks and use them to reverse engineer their strategies.

Monitor Backlinks allow you to fight with negative SEO (when competitors attack your site’s SEO and send spammy backlinks) and defend against it by using its efficient Disavow tool.

Plus, you can manage all your backlink data in one place. All in all, Monitor Backlinks is a great web-based app that offers you a simple way to monitor your backlinks.

Price: Paid Plans

  • Startup: $25/mo
  • Freelancer: $48/mo
  • Small Business: $90/mo
  • Agency: $144/mo

10. SE Ranking Backlinks Checker

SE Ranking comes with a comprehensive Backlinks checker tool with which you can have the complete list of the backlinks of any domain. The backlinks are evaluated using as much as 15 SEO parameters. These include the following:

  • Backlink URL: The URL of a page that has the link to your website
  • Backlinks Status: Found/Not found
  • Google Index Status: Indexed/Not indexed
  • External links: The number of other links found on the linking page
  • Moz DA: Domain Authority is given by Moz
  • Country: It gives the location of the server where the inbound links are hosted
  • Referring Domain Link Popularity: The number of total inbound backlinks
  • Alexa Rank: Linking page importance as given by Alexa
  • Destination URL: The exact page where the link directs to
  • Social Popularity: Backlink page shares with Facebook & Google+
  • Anchor Text: Its the anchor text of the link
  • IP: The IP address of the server at which the linking website is hosted
  • Added on: The date on which the backlink was discovered
  • Domain Trust: Domain trust by Majestic
  • Last Check: It gives the date when the last backlink check was made

So, the tool proves indispensable for SEO professionals, website owners, and digital agencies out there. It’s best for backlinks monitoring. It’s simple yet powerful SEO tool.

Price: Paid Plans

  • Personal: $4.20/month
  • Optimum: $23.4/month
  • Plus: $53.4/month
  • Enterprise: $113/month

11. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is among the best tools for content marketing and SEO campaigns. They offer a free version as well as a pro version. With the pro version, you can check backlinks to your domain or any individual page. You can even export existing links into CSV or Excel format.

BuzzSumo offers comprehensive information about who is linking to your competitors. You come to know how well the content performs as a result of those links. It allows you to know what pages are being shared most often. You not only identify opportunities for links but also come to know what type of content attracts the most links.

BuzzSumo is a great tool for analyzing content and finding influencers. It can also be used to check the backlinks of any URL or domain. These features are available in the BuzzSumo Pro version. It comes with a 14-day free trial.

BuzzSumo functions as a comprehensive social media analytics tools. It has a very powerful social media search engine which can be used to find and analyze the best performing content related to a specific niche. You come to know the factors that make the content successful. So, it becomes easy for you to plan and create effective and promising content for your target market.

Price: Paid Plans

  • Pro: $99/mo
  • Plus: $179/mo
  • Large: $299/mo
  • Enterprise: $499/mo

12. Linkody

Linkody is one of the best backlink checker tools for tracking your link building campaigns. It can be used to track the link building campaigns for your clients or your own domains. Linkody functions as a reliable backlink monitoring tool.

Linkody goes on to automate the whole process of backlink tracking. It allows you to know when you lose or gain links. You gain insights into competitors’ link building strategies. You can analyze your link profile with tons of metrics. With Linkody you can also identify and disavow bad links.

All in all, Linkody allows you to monitor your valuable backlinks and gain the advantage over your competitors.

Key Features

  • Google Analytics: You can connect your Google Analytics account to Linkody and get more backlink data
  • Moz data: You get Moz Rank, Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score
  • Disavow tool: You can find “bad” backlinks and disavow them
  • PDF White label Reports

So, Linkody comes out as one of the best backlink checker tools.

Price: Paid Plans

  • Webmaster: $14.90/mo
  • Advanced: $24.90/mo
  • Pro: $49.90/mo
  • Agency: $104.90/mo
  • Agency XL: $147.90/mo

13. Rank Signals

Rank Signals is another immensely comprehensive Backlink Checker Tool and SEO Software. It is one of the best Tools for discovering SEO Backlinks.

Rank Signals also tracks traffic sources of your competitors. Its most prominent aspect is the fact that it provides numerous SEO Tools which are instrumental in delivering a detailed Backlink Analysis.

Its powerful Backlink Monitor Software or Tools enable you to do Competition Analysis, Identify your Bad Links, detect Deleted and Broken Links, enable you to view PageRank, Alexa Rank, evaluate Link Signals, find Dofollow and Nofollow Links, etc.

Rank Signals allow you to uncover SEO backlinks as well as traffic sources of your competitors. It’s a competent and powerful backlink checker tool & SEO Software.

It helps in identifying your competitors’ best links. Rank Signals even identifies your bad and spam links.

It goes on to report links which have been changed or removed. The links are marked with an error code.

Rank Signals provides link signals such as Alexa rank, page rank, Internal & External links ratio so that you can evaluate the quality and value of links. It identifies and tags the links which are nofollow. It also shows social sharing metrics across major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Rank Signals also offers the Quick SEO Chrome Extension with which you can quickly access the important SEO metrics in your browser.

14. OpenLinkprofiler

If you want to have got quick, easy and comprehensive backlink analysis for your websites or blogs, then OpenLinkprofiler is the best solution as it comes empowered with truly powerful and advanced Backlink Monitor Tool.

OpenLinkprofiler is regarded as the favorite SEO Tool for many bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs as well as developers.

It has one of the largest databases of freshest backlinks to a site. Moreover, they display only the active links (in the last 90 days) so that you don’t have to deal with outdated stuff.

With their free version, you can download up to 100 links in CSV format. This feature is unique to OpenLinkprofiler and is not offered by other major SEO Tools such as Majestic, Ahrefs, or Moz Link Explorer.

You need to put in a URL and get the link profile.

It offers extensive information with the breakdown of links by age, industries, context, countries, and more. The tool also allows you to know the links which need to be removed for improving your page rank. It also offers numerous filters to sort out the data the way you want.

15. Backlink Watch – Best Free Backlink Checker

Backlink Watch is a free web-based Backlink Checker Tool. If you prefer quick and easy backlink analysis, then you can surely use this powerful tool. It makes backlink checking easy, and that’s why it’s my pick in this list of best Backlink Monitor Tool.

In fact, Backlink Watch comes out as one of the easiest tools for analyzing the backlink portfolio of any website (including yours). It uses Ahrefs API, so the results are quite trustable.

You get ample information such as a total number of links, the anchor text used, the page rank, and more. You can even sort by links that are set to nofollow or Dofollow.

Moreover, Backlink Watch is free and can be used as often as you want.

16. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is a powerful online SEO tool with extensive functionality that is exceptionally good at segmentation and visualization of the data. Like no other tool, it helps SEO professionals to get a better understanding of how search engine rankings, site changes, and traffic correlate and affect search visibility. Nightwatch is ideally suited for website owners, marketing agencies and professionals who are focused on scaling up their online businesses.

With Nightwatch, you can:

  • Visualize your data on detailed graphs
  • Segment your keywords and backlinks thoroughly
  • Discover new ranking keywords
  • Get smart notifications about site changes and opportunities
  • Create a thorough overview of your website’s search visibility through integration with Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Customize and schedule unlimited drag-and-drop reports

Price: Paid Plans

  • Starter: $19
  • Starter+: $39
  • Basic: $59
  • Various Pro Accounts: $99+

Bonus: EarningGuys Free SEO Tools

If you are looking for basic and Free Backlink Tools, you must check our tools. EarningGuy’s SEO Tools will help you find total backlinks pointing to your site.

It provides comprehensive Backlink Analysis which is equally good for new as well as old websites and blogs. The best thing about EarningGuys SEO Tools is that it is free, easy and quick.

Backlink Checker Tool will provide total incoming link count.

EarningGuys Link Analyzer offers a wide variety of results such as link type (nofollow, Dofollow), internal and external links.

These are very basic tools which will help you track your backlink progress for free and without login to your account.

In this list of Best Backlink Checker Tool, I have made sure that you get only the top and the best link Checker Software that are preferred and used by world’s most popular and successful bloggers, webmasters, SEO Professionals, and online marketers.

Be assured that you have the list of the Best Backlink Checker Tools. Having said this, the final call still lies on your shoulders.


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